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Faculty Research Areas

UC San Diego radiology faculty maintain a whole-body perspective in research, pursuing discovery and health care advancements across multiple radiology specialties. 

Advanced Imaging
and Data Technology






2016 Radiology Research Symposium:  Ultra-short presentations on research faculty interests

On January 28, 2016, UC San Diego Radiology hosted a symosium to showcase the depth and breadth of the research activities of the research faculty in the department. To allow for 32 presentations in a reasonable time frame, researchers presented in an ultra-short format of 2 minutes per presentation. 

View the slides from the faculty presentations:

​Ahrens, Eric, PhD
Andre, Michael, PhD
Brewer, James, MD, PhD
Buxton, Richard, PhD
Bydder, Graeme, MD
Chen, Chi-Hua, PhD
Chung, Christine, MD
Dale, Anders, PhD

​Du, Jiang, PhD
Dubowitz, David, MD, PhD
Fennema-Notestine, Christine, PhD
Frank, Lawrence, PhD
Hagler, Donald, PhD
Halgren, Eric, PhD
Hall, David, PhD

Hamilton, Gavin, PhD​
Hopkins, Susan, MD, PhD
Huang, Mingxiong, PhD
Liu, Thomas, PhD
Marinkovic, Ksenija, PhD
McEvoy, Linda, PhD
McVeigh, Elliot, PhD
Nelson, Thomas, PhD
Scadeng, Miriam, MD
​Sinha, Shantanu, PhD
Sirlin, Claude, MD
Szeverenyi, Nikolaus, PhD
Theilmann, Rebecca, PhD
Ward, Samuel, PhD
White, Nathan, PhD
Wong, Eric, PhD, MD