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Equipment and Rates: Center for Molecular Imaging (PET)


11388 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121

PET rates per case 

Services​UC Users​Non UC Users
​Pet Scan​$1,159.00$​1,680.55
​FDG Radiopharmaceutical$ ​150.00$ ​217.50
​N-13 Ammonia Radiopharmaceutical$ ​250.00$ ​362.50
​F-18 FLT Radiopharmaceutical$​2,450.00​$3,552.50
​C-11 Radiopharmaceutical$​1,400.00$​2,030.00
​F-18 Fallypride Radiopharmaceutical$​1,400.00$​2,030.00
F-18-ML-10 Radiopharmaceutical$​2,500.00$​3,625.00
​Additional image or data processing$ ​300.00$ ​435.0
​Additional blood sample processing$ ​300.00$ ​435.00
​Pro fee PET$  ​98.16$ ​142.33
​Pro fee PET/CT skull-midthigh$ ​124.20$ ​180.09
Pro fee PET/CT full whole body$ ​126.28$ ​183.11