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Radiology News and Announcements

Job Posting: JPF02774 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Radiology
6/11/2021 -

JPF02774 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting: JPF02756 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In-Residence) Neuroradiology
5/21/2021 -

JPF02756 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting: JPF02680 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor Breast Imaging
3/12/2021 -

JPF02680 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting: JPF02665 Assistant or Associate Project Scientist Neuroimaging
2/12/2021 -

JPF02665 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting: JPF02403 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In-Residence) Emergency Radiology
1/13/2021 -

JPF02403 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting --JPF02625 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In-Residence) Body Imaging - ARC0295331
1/13/2021 -

JPF02625 Job Ad Flyer.pdf

Job Posting JPF02540, Assistant or Associate Project Scientist Women's Imaging
9/25/2020 -

JPF02540 Job Ad Flyer[15975].pdf

Job Posting JPF02534, Radiology Research Assistant, Associate or Full Professor
9/25/2020 -

JPF02534 Job Ad Flyer[15974].pdf

Job Posting - JPF02500 - Associate or Full Professor, Radiology Imaging
7/9/2020 -

JPF02500 Job Ad Flyer

Job Posting - JPF02499 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor, Interventional Radiology
7/9/2020 -

JPF02499 Job Ad Flyer

Job Posting: JPF02367 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In-Residence) Neuroradiologist - ARC0271905
1/14/2020 -

JPF02367 Job Ad Flyer

Job Posting JPF02366 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (Adjunct, In-Residence) MRI - Radiology
1/13/2020 -

JPF02366 Job Ad Flyer

Job Posting -- JPF02334 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In Residence) Nuclear Medicine
11/14/2019 -

JPF02334 Job Ad Flyer

Inaugural William G. Bradley, Jr., MD, PhD, FACR Memorial UCSD Radiology Lecture
6/25/2019 -

For more information, please check the flyer below.

Bradley Memorial Lecture Flyer


Job Posting -- JPF02084 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In Residence) - Radiology - ARC0247912
4/29/2019 -

Job Ad Flyer - JPF02084

Job Posting -- Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In Residence) Abdominal and Pelvic Imaging
11/27/2018 -


Open Recruitments -- SOM Radiology Dept.
11/20/2018 -

Please check our department open recruitments. Apply for an Academic Position at the University of California, San Diego

Job Posting -- JPF01911 Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (HS Clin, Clin X, Adjunct, In Residence) Radiology
10/17/2018 -

Job Posting URL

Congratulation to Dr. Pathria, Dr. Aryafar, Dr. Minocha, and Dr. Newton, named 2018 Top Docs in San Diego!
9/24/2018 -


Radiology Research Resident wins 2018 Roentgen Fund President's Award
5/11/2018 -

​Dr. Tara A. Retson won the Roentgen Fund President's Award for her research entitled "Real-World Clinical Performance of Deep Learning for Segmentation and Quantification of Biventricular Cardiac Size and Function."  Dr. Retson joined UCSD this year as a member of the Radiology Research Track.  After her year of research this past year, she will join the Clinical Radiology residents for the 4 year Radiology clinical residency.  

For information check the following URL:

The Roentgen Fund Website

Dr. Ojeda featured in this article regarding the new Comprehensive Breast Center in the UCSD Koman Outpatient Center.
3/28/2018 -

Dr. Ojeda featured in this article regarding the new Comprehensive Breast Center in the UCSD Koman Outpatient Center.

Radiology Staff Service Awards and Meet David Kimber Administrative Vice Chair
3/15/2018 -

​On March 15th, 2018 Our department welcomed David Kimber our New Administrative Vice Chair and recognoized the following Staff Memebers

Eddie Greer – 20 yrs                       Supervisor, Hamed Aryafar
Angelica Robles – 20 yrs                Supervisor, Paradorn Thiel
Paradorn Thiel – 15 yrs                  Supervisor, Julie Ebreck
Alexander De Castro – 15 yrs      Supervisor, Anders Dale


Don Resnick; Gold Medal honoree of the American College of Radiology
12/7/2017 -

Congratulations, Professor Don Resnick, who is being honored at the annual American College of Radiology (ACR) annual meeting in Washington DC with its highest honor; the gold medal. The ACR gold medal is awarded for extraordinary lifetime accomplishments benefiting the practice or science of Radiology, and indicates the individuals who have architected radiology as it is globally practiced today.
Professor Resnick, besides being among the most recognized radiologists by any measure, is also among the most beloved. He is known for his warmth, brilliance, and for his exceptional and extraordinary teaching. Famously, he is known for establishing the science of radiology-pathology correlation where musculoskeletal science is concerned, and for training generations of musculoskeletal imagers truly excelling in this activity where both quantity and quality of trainees is concerned. His personal touch through his premier fellowship has been in directly and in large part contributory to the development and maturation of the subspecialty in its current iteration.
The gold medal will be awarded on Sunday May 20th, 2018, and we will be with Don in spirit if not in body. Thank you Professor Resnick for bringing luster and recognition in large measure to UCSD, we are indebted.

San Diego Magazine 2017 Top Docs
9/22/2017 -

​San Diego Magazine 2017 Top Docs

Diagnostic Radiology
Tudor Hughes, MD
Mini Pathria, MD
Dolores Pretorius, MD
Cynthia Santillan, MD
Claude Sirlin, MD

Mahmood Mafee, MD

Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Hamed Aryafar, MD
Isabel Newton, MD

UCSD Radiology toasts new retiree Thomas Yellen-Nelson
6/30/2017 -

In his 35 years of service in UCSD Radiology, Thomas Yellen-Thomas (second from left) set the bar high for medical physics in the department. 

Dr. Alexander Norbash emcees the UCSD LGBT Pride ceremony
6/23/2017 -

Dr. Alexander Norbash, Radiology Chair and Associate Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, hosted UCSD's June 21 LGBT flag-raising ceremony on the Hillcrest Medical Center lawn. Speakers celebrating inclusion included UCSD senior leaders, along with California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Later that evening, the Medical Center was lit up in rainbow colors, a visual declaration of pride that can be seen from miles away. The rainbow lights will remain throughout July. 

Radiology honors outstanding faculty at commencement dinner
6/22/2017 -

UCSD Radiology celebrated 2016-2017 exceptional faculty at the June 10 Resident Commencement Dinner. Awards included:

Clinician-Scientist - Kazim Narsinh, MD
RSNA Roentgen Resident Research - Chris Malone, MD
Silver Roentgen - James Chen, MD
Board Review Award "Louisville Slugger" - Edward Smitaman, MD
Whitehill Prize for Excellence for Junior Faculty - Albert Hsiao, MD, PhD

Fiona Cassidy Body Imaging - Gary Ghahremani, MD, FACR
Breast Imaging Residents - Mohammad Eghtedari, MD, PhD
Andrew Yen Cardiothoracic - Elizabeth Weihe, MD
MSK Residents - Edward Smitaman, MD
Neuroradiology Residents - Julie Bykowski, MD
Carl Hoh Nuclear Medicine - Sebastian Obrzut, MD
VIR - Hamed Aryafar, MDSilver Spoon Award - Julie Marek-Bykowski, MD
Clinical Teaching - Paritosh Khanna, MD

Elliott C. Lasser Award for Excellence in Research - Rebecca Rakow-Penner, MD, PhD
John R. Amberg Award for Clinical Excellence - Anthony Tadros, MD

Chairman Emeritus Portrait Dedication - William G. Bradley, MD, PhD, FACR
Lifetime Achievement - Giovanna Casola, MD, FACR, FRCPC

Body Imaging:
Flouroscopy Teaching - Gary Ghahremani, MD, FACR
Clinical Care - Michael Hahn, MD, PhD
Cardiothorac Imaging:
Research - Albert Hsiao, MD, PhD
Leadership - Elizabeth Weihe, MD
Neuro Imaging:
Mentoring - Niky Farid, MD
Clincal Service - Stephen Dorros, MD, FACR
Vascular and Interventional Radiology:
Clinical Care - Andrew Picel, MD
Research - Isabel Newton, MD, PhD
Nuclear Medicine Clinical Care - Farshad Moradi, MD
Breast Imaging Clinical Care  - Mohammad Eghtedari, MD, PhD
Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinical Care - Brady Huang, MD

Faculty Support - Alexander Norbash, MD, MS
Departmental Service - Michael Middleton, MD, PhD

Radiology graduates ride into the sunset
6/13/2017 -

​Radiology graduates were celebrated and roasted at a Commencement Dinner at the Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Soon, the graduates will saddle up for the next legs of their professional journeys. Many have accepted subspecialty fellowship positions across the United States; five will stay on as UCSD fellows: Drs. Anthony Tadros (Musculoskeletal), Rebecca Rakow-Penner (Women's Imaging), Charles Li (Neuroradiology), Marin McDonald (Neuroradiology), and Kathleen Jacobs (Cardiovascular).

Left to Right: Drs. Elliot DeYoung, Kate Jacobs, Christopher Malone, Rebecca Rakow-Penner, Brent Wolford, Alexander Norbash (Radiology Chair), Jennifer Feneis, Kazim Narsinh, Marin McDonald, and Charles Li.

Dr. William Bradley receives AUR Gold Medal Award
5/30/2017 -

​The Association of University Radiologists (AUR) recognized the outstanding career achievements of William Bradley, Jr, MD, PhD, FACR, and UCSD Radiology Chairman Emeritus at the 2017 AUR Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida. The association presented Dr. Bradley with the Gold Medal, AUR's most prestigious award. In a Medalist Tribute, Dr. Bradley is described as a "pioneer in our field," and "a thought leader in applying the power of imaging technology to better understand and treat disease." Dr. Bradley is an expert in magnet resonance (MR) who has advance the field through his long tenure as a researcher, clinician, mentor, writer, and leader.

Anne Roberts, MD, explains non-invasive MR treatment for fibroid tumors
5/11/2017 -

This month's Corner Clinic, UC San Diego Health's health expert's answer column, features Anne Roberts, MD, presenting the latest advances in fibroid tumor treatment. "Traditionally, the treatment for symptomatic fibroids was a hysterectomy," says Roberts. Today, she explains, MR can be used to non-invasively heat and kill fibroid tissue with an ultrasound beam. "The MR-guided procedure is conceptually similar to burning a hole in a piece of paper by focusing a beam of sunlight with a magnifying glass," Roberts says.

Anne Roberts, MD, UCSD Radiology