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Class of 2025

Juliet Alla, MD
Hometown: Newton, MA
Undergraduate / Medical School: Oberlin College / Oregon Health & Science University
Favorite thing about UCSD: Excellent training with dynamic residents and warm faculty
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Outside, on the water, with a coffee (in that order)
Fun fact: I've swum in the Antarctic and it's simultaneously awful and awesome
Favorite taco in San Diego: Are there even bad tacos here?

Deema Anaam, MD
Undergraduate / Medical School: 
Favorite thing about UCSD: 
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: 
Fun fact: 
Favorite taco in San Diego: 

Rashid Barnawi, MD
Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Undergraduate / Medical School: King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Medicine 
Favorite thing about UCSD: Diversity and inclusion
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Jet skiing and pretty much any water sport! pick-up soccer and nightlife
Fun fact: I won the first place prize in an art contest amongst all high schools in my city
Favorite taco in San Diego: Lucha Libre 

Erika Castro, MD

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Undergraduate / Medical School: Rice University / University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Favorite thing about UCSD: Friendly coresidents and excellent teaching from faculty
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Go to the beach; La Jolla shores is lots of fun!
Fun fact: My goal is to visit at least one public park in every state
Favorite taco in San Diego: Taco Stand

​Mansur Ghani, MD, MD 
Hometown: West Hills, CA
Undergraduate / Medical School: Yale University / Yale SOM
Favorite thing about UCSD: Amazing mentors and the collegial and supportive environment
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Hiking and cycling
Fun fact: I enjoy astronomy and astrophotography
Favorite taco in San Diego: City Tacos


Edward (Ted) Koellhoffer, MD, PhD
Hometown: Byram, NJ
Undergraduate / Medical School: Boston College / McGovern Medical School at UT Health
Favorite thing about UCSD: The collegial atmosphere, endless research opportunities, and world-class training
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Spending time outdoors in the amazing SoCal weather, whether it's going to the beach, watching the sunset, or taking our dog to the park
Fun fact: In high school I was the oompah band leader in our school's German Folk Club
Favorite taco in San Diego: Yet to be determined 

Claire Meriwether, MD
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergraduate / Medical School: Duke University / UCSD
Favorite thing about UCSD: Too many to name... I loved being a medical student here, and am thrilled to be continuing here for my residency!
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Early morning farmers' market followed by coffee + the beach
Fun fact: I have played the violin since I was 4 years old
Favorite taco in San Diego: Puesto

Luis Monterroso, MD
Hometown:  Upland, CA
Undergraduate / Medical School: Rice University, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Favorite thing about UCSD: The faculty, community, and focus on resident wellness
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Going to Petco Park!
Fun fact: I love spending time with my older brother doing car maintenance. We're both huge Subaru enthusiasts and I am a proud owner of a 2005 World Rally Blue WRX "Blobeye"
Favorite taco in San Diego: Taco Stand

Alton Skaggs, MD
Hometown: Temecula, CA
Undergraduate / Medical School: UC San Diego / UC Davis
Favorite thing about UCSD: : Culture, faculty, weather, and proximity to the ocean
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Surfing, hiking, camping, and spending time with my kids
Fun fact: When I started medical school, I was open to every specialty except for radiology
Favorite taco in San Diego: Los Tacos

Matthew Zabel, MD, PhD
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

Undergraduate / Medical School: South Dakota State University / California Northstate University School of Medicine
Favorite thing about UCSD: Location, location, location, and the people
Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Surf and rock climb
Fun fact: Played NCAA Division 1 baseball
Favorite taco in San Diego: Juanitas

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