Conferences for 2018 include Grand Rounds,  Annual Post Graduate Radiology Course, and Annual Breast Imaging and Interventions Update.

Radiology Grand Rounds 2018

6/5/2018              Hossein Jadvar, MD, PhD             

6/19/2018            Dolores Pretorius                                            3D Sonography in OB-GYN: Clinical Applications Today

7/17/2018            Alex Norbash, Brendon Bagley                  Diversity at UCSD

8/7/2018              Anthony DeMaria, MD                                  Contrast Echocardiography                           

8/21/2018            Isabel Newton, MD, PhD                              Radiation Safety

9/4/2018              Sean M Tutton, MD FSIR                               Palliative and MSK IR

9/18/2018            T32 Resident Presentations        

10/2/2018            Sandip Biswal, MD          

10/16/2018         Katie Hirst, MD                                                  Substance use disorders among physicians

11/6/2018            tbd                        

11/20/2018         Resident RSNA Presentations   

12/4/2018            tbd                         

> Annual Post Graduate Radiology Course 

> Annual Breast Imaging and Interventions Update