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UCSD body imaging radiologists deliver the highest standard in clinical excellence. Each of our radiologists has completed additional fellowship training to specialize in this field, and many participate in leading-edge research that advances clinical care. 

Body Imaging News: Featured article 

Features Dolores Pretorius, MD

"Enlarged Cavum Septi Pellucidi and Vergae in the Fetus: A Cause for Concern." The research began when Dr. Lisa Stellwagen, UCSD Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, called Dr. Dolores Pretorius to ask what to do with a neonate with an ultrasound reading of prominent cavum. The question led to an investigation into whether detection of this type of abnormality correlates with other anomalies... > Read more

Fetal ultrasound and Neonatal MRI showing enlarged cavum in fetus with Trisomy 21, multiple other anomalies and neonatal demise.


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