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Musculoskeletal Imaging

The UC San Diego Musculoskeletal (MSK) Imaging Division offers leading-edge imaging of the spine and joints. Radiography, ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning provide detailed anatomy of structures to detect and evaluate diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Advanced imaging techniques provide additional insight into physiology, chemistry, physical structure, and function. The division is led by world-class faculty who are experienced in all aspects of MSK disease.

Division Faculty

Chang, Eric MDClinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Chung, Christine MDProfessor in Residence Musculoskeletal
Fliszar, Evelyne MDHS Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Gentili, Amilcare MDHS Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Huang, Brady MDHS Assistant Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Hughes, Tudor MDHS Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Pathria, Mini MDHS Clinical Professor and Division Chief Musculoskeletal
Resnick, Donald MDHS Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Sampath, Srihari MDHS Assistant Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Sampath, Srinath MDHS Assistant Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal
Smitaman, Edward MDHS Associate Clinical Professor Musculoskeletal

Musculoskeletal Imaging & Interventional Services



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MSK Radiography

MSK Radiography

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MSK Ultrasound

MSK Ultrasound

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MSK Special Procedures

MSK Special Procedures

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MSK Dexa

MSK Dexa

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News & Upcoming Events

6/25/2021 - 6/27/2021
Join Dr. Resnick and the UCSD MSK team for "Internal Derangement of Joints," this year focusing on the upper extremity! Register at Educational Symposia. We look forward to seeing you there!


Join some of the UCSD faculty for great learning opportunities at the upcoming ARRS meeting! Dr. Chung will be speaking Wednesday and covering MRI of the hand. Dr. Huang will be speaking Tuesday and covering ultrasound of the wrist. For more info, go to the ARRS meeting website!


Blast from the past! Dr. Goodwin, a former 93-94 fellow and recently retired staff from Dartmouth delivers an excellent and practical lecture about ankle trauma! 

Former fellow, Dr. Baldassarre tackles the complex subject of imaging of acetabular fractures.


Dr. Huang will lend his expertise in this 2-part lecture series focusing on brachial plexus 1) anatomy and 2) pathology. Tune into the UCSD Grand Rounds and San Diego Radiological Society for each lecture part.

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