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Body Imaging Fellows

Body Imaging Fellows 

Michael Hahn, MD
Michael Hahn, MD

Alan Kuramoto, MD
Alan Kuramoto, MD

Body Imaging Fellows 2014-2015

Vu Luong, MD
Vu Luong, MD
Shaun Best, MD
Shaun Best, MD

Body Imaging Fellows 2013-2014
Patrick Henderson, MD
Michael Gabe, MD
Patrick Henderson, MD
Patrick Henderson, MD
Dwight Lee, MD
Dwight Lee, MD
Avishkar Tyagi, MD
Avishkar Tyagi, MD​

Body Imaging Fellows 2012-2013
Dominique Caovan, M.D.
Dominique Caovan, MD

Randy Fanous, M.D.
Randy Fanous, MD
Naoman Vaidya, M.D.
Naoman Vaidya, MD
Body Imaging Fellows 2011-2012
Waad Hanna, M.D., Alan Mortezaie, M.D., James "Drew" Epling, M.D. (a Body and Breast Imaging combined Fellow)
Waad Hanna, MD, Alan Mortezaie, MD, James "Drew" Epling, MD (a Body and Breast Imaging combined Fellow)
​ ​
Body Imaging Fellows
Kimberly Wright, M.D., Ryan Ash, M.D., Edgar Lai, M.D., Nouen Grace Oh, M.D.
Kimberly Wright, MD, Ryan Ash, MD, Edgar Lai, MD, Nouen Grace Oh, MD

Fellows from past years:

  • Jimmy Lee, MD

  • Marc Mellion, DO

  • Rafal Sosnowski, DO

  • Barry Lazenby, MD

  • Reena Malhotra, MD

  • Sameer Patel, MD

  • Miha Pop, MD

  • Silvana Faria, MD

  • Alexander Hsu, MD

  • Lorene Romine, MD