Research Focus

Our laboratory research interests focus on the pre-clinical development of cross complimentary approaches to integrate systemic therapies with radiotherapy through 1) elucidation of DNA damage response pathways 2) identification and characterization of novel radiosensitizers 3) development of tumor targeted approaches to improve the therapeutic ratio of radiotherapy. In contrast to current radiosensitization approaches, our strategies are biomarker driven and histologically agnostic. The overarching goal of our laboratory is to provide the preclinical rationale for translation to clinical trials of unique targeted systemic therapies in combination with radiotherapy.

Sunil Advani MD

Dr. Advani is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences at UC San Diego. He is a physician-scientist and his laboratory research focuses on the development of therapeutic paradigms incorporating radiotherapy. His research has resulted in patent applications and had been translated into Phase I clinical trials.