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Our Programs

The Center for Precision Radiation Medicine (CPRM) has multiple research programs, ranging from pre-clinical radiobiology research to prospective clinical trials. Below is a summary of our various programs highlighting current focus areas.

Adaptive Radiotherapy

Adaptive approaches transform the static conventional radiotherapy process where treatment is based on a single pre-treatment CT scan into a dynamic one in which treatment is adapted to changes in the tumor and patient throughout the treatment course.
Focus areas:
Image-Guided Adaptive RT
Sim-Less Treatment Planning & Delivery


Bioinformatics research focuses on the analyzing large volume biologic data to improve patient outcomes.
Focus areas:

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are used to test the safety and efficacy of new treatments and approaches in a prospective controlled manner. 
Focus areas:
Head & Neck Cancers
Lung Cancers
Gynecologic Cancers
Investigator-Initiated Trials

Education & Training Research

Education & Training research strives to develop and test novel education tools and approaches to improve the education quality and effectiveness. 
Focus areas:
Medical Physics Education & Training


Imaging is an essential component of the optimal planning and delivery of radiation therapy, given the importance of accurate staging, tumor targeting, avoidance of normal tissues, and outcome assessment.
Focus areas:
CNS Imaging
Body MRI Approaches


Immunotherapy is a cutting-edge cancer treatment approach whereby the immune system is activated to treat tumors using novel agents and ablative treatment techniques.
Focus areas:
Basic Research
Translational Research

Population Sciences

Population Sciences research analyzes “Big Data” to optimize the quality and delivery of treatment.
Focus areas:
Competing Risks
Health Outcomes
Normal Tissue Modeling
Medical Ethics

Radiation Biology

Radiation Biology research is focused on understanding the biologic basis of interactions between radiation and cancerous/normal tissues.
Focus areas:

Radiotherapy Automation

Automation in radiation oncology is dedicated to two important value propositions: increasing quality and efficiency of planning and treatment.
Focus areas:
External Beam Treatment Planning
Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
Large-Scale Data Mining

Systems Engineering & Design

Systems Engineering & Design research is focused on improving quality and patient safety by adapting techniques from industrial and systems engineering, as well as human- centered design and design thinking.
Focus Role
Transformational Clinical Medical Physics
Non-Linear Safety Modeling
Process Control