Todd Atwood, PhD

Todd Atwood, PhD

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences
Radiation Oncology PET/CT Bldg
3960 Health Sciences Drive
San Diego CA 92037

Dr. Atwood is a clinical medical physicist with a focus on external beam radiation therapy, SBRT techniques and respiratory motion management. He is currently serving as the Associate Director of External Beam & Dosimetry and the Technology Section Chief for Lung and GI SBRT.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Atwood is devoted to medical physics education. He serves as the Associate Program Director for the Medical Physics Residency, develops curriculum for the Radiation Oncology Learning Center and is the co-creator of the animated web series "Radiation Oncology IS Physics".

Dr. Atwood is also the lead physicist for the Physics Direct Patient Care Initiative, where medical physicists establish independent relationships with patients to educate and guide them through their treatment. Dr. Atwood's other research interests involve motion management and dosimetry. Currently he is investigating anatomical surrogates for liver and pancreas tumor motion, to eliminate the need for implanted fiducials in SBRT treatments. He is also examining the evolving role of dosimetry, as the field of radiation oncology becomes more automated.