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Clinical Case Conference

Monday noon – 1 pm, MCC Conference Room (3-4 per month)

The focus of this resident-run conference is on specific aspects of the disease (epidemiology, anatomy, etiology, general management etc.) and technical issues of RT management. Topics conform to the Disease Month and cover all major disease subsites once at least every 2 years.

Anatomy for the Radiation Oncologist

Monday noon – 1 pm, MCC Conference Room (monthly) 
Faculty: Jona Hattangadi-Gluth MD

This class is designed to expose the residents to basic anatomy and imaging pertinent to the practice of radiation oncology including target and normal tissue contouring. The topic conforms to the Disease Month.

Boards Review

Monday 8 – 9 am, MCC Conference Room (monthly)
Faculty: Doug Rahn MD

Hosted by a recent residency graduate, this is an interactive, case-based discussion designed to familiarize the residents with the format and types of questions they might be asked in oral boards.


Tuesday 8 - 9 am, MCC Conference Room

Physics Class

Faculty Directors: Derek Brown PhD and Todd Atwood PhD

This conference (termed Physics 1.0) includes lectures, practical demonstrations, and review questions geared toward medical residents. There is a separate upper level series (Physics 2.0) for physics residents only. Physics 1.0 is held twice per month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

Radiation Biology Class

Faculty Directors: Sunil Advani MD, Andrew Sharabi MD PhD, and Milan Makale PhD

This course exposes both radiation oncology and physics residents to radiobiology topics including radiation response, cell cycle and dose rate effects. The class is based on Hall's text Radiobiology for the Radiologist but incorporates a review of mechanisms of systemic therapies to reflect the Disease Month. This didactic is held once a month on the 2nd Tuesday.

Dosimetry Class

Course Directors: Mariel Cornell CMD and James Murphy MD MS

This course is designed as a hands-on opportunity for residents to learn the basics of RT planning, from setting up fields to 3D-CRT planning and even simple IMRT. The topics coincide with the Disease Month and helps reinforce practical concepts learned during Physics Class. This didactic is held once a month on the 4th Tuesday.


Wednesday 7:30 – 9 am, MCC Conference room

Practical Joint Case Conference

DidacticsOne medical resident and one physics resident are assigned on a rotating basis to prepare and present a clinical case. The focus of the first half hour is on the specific clinical aspects of the disease (epidemiology, anatomy, etiology, etc.) and will be discussed by the Radiation Oncology Resident and the second half of the hour will focus on technical issues of radiotherapeutic management which will be discussed by the Physics Resident. Expectations are based on the year of training. Topics conform to the Disease Month and follow a predefined schedule. These conferences occur twice monthly.

Journal Club

The journal club is used to present select 3 new articles (as well as classic publications) related to the current Disease Month. This conference occurs once monthly.


Thursday 8 - 9 am, MCC Conference Room

Faculty Clinical Lectures

Clinical lectures based on the Disease Month are given by faculty specializing in that disease site. At least one faculty from another department is invited per month.

Medical Spanish CourseHabla Espanol

Faculty Director: A.J. Mundt MD

These interactive sessions review vocabulary and grammar appropriate to the Disease Month, and residents perform practice patient interviews using basic medical Spanish. This class occurs monthly on the 2nd Thursday.

Radiation Oncology Business Class

Course Directors: Casey Sandack MBA and Arno J. Mundt MD

This class is designed to expose the residents to the business aspects of radiation oncology. A variety of topics are covered including contracting, hiring and compensation of physicians, physicists and staff, new program startup (including equipment purchasing), productivity metrics, and building a successful academic program that includes research and residency training programs. This class occurs quarterly.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (M&M)

Attendings and residents record cases in a central master M&M list on an ongoing basis. For this conference, 3 cases are presented by residents or attendings for discussion. This conference occurs quarterly. This is supplemented by a separate resident roundtable discussion "Management of RT side effects" which occurs quarterly, involves case review, but focuses on general management of common and rare but critical RT-related effects.

Friday Conferences

New Patient Peer Review (“Chart Rounds”)

Friday 8 - 9 am, MCC Conference Room (AND now Wednesday noon - 1pm)


All new patients receiving radiation therapy are presented by the treating resident, with plans reviewed by faculty and residents. This is a confidential quality assurance and peer-review conference.

Grand Rounds

Friday 3 - 4 pm, MCC Comer Commons (monthly)

This department-wide seminar features on a rotating basis the research faculty (both in our department and collaborators) presenting their current work. In addition, Visiting Professors are invited twice yearly to present at this conference as well as spend the day with the residents and meet with select faculty. This conference occurs on the 1st Friday.

Biostatistics Education

Faculty Director: James Murphy MD

Residents participate in a biannual biostatistics course consisting of 6 interactive classes to analyze practical problems using SAS, R, or Matlab (resident preference). Residents are also exposed to medical statistics through individual conferences including monthly journal club.