Radiation Oncology Learning Center

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Thank you for your interest in the UC San Diego Radiation Oncology Learning Center (ROLC). The ROLC is dedicated to providing continuing medical education for all radiation medicine professionals. We offer multiple learning formats and are committed to providing online learning opportunities to maximize access to our continuing medical education content.

Goals of UC San Diego Radiation Oncology Learning Center

  • Become a central repository for continuing medical education classes.
  • Advance the field of radiation medicine by closing the educational gaps that exist between vendor education and clinical implementation of new treatment techniques and processes.
  • Distribute content through multiple learning formats to optimize access to the ROLC educational programs.
  • Embrace new technology adoption and share that learning experience through continuing medical education classes.


All ROLC instructors are UC San Diego Department of Radiation Medicine faculty or staff that have displayed educational expertise in a particular content area or, vetted professionals who are proven experts in the field of radiation oncology.

Continuing Medical Education

Most of our classes have been approved for continuing medical education credit through the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP) and the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board (MDCB).

Online Learning or E-learning

A unique element of the UC San Diego ROLC is our commitment to having educational content available via the Internet. Online classes give the student the ability to access continuing medical educational content anytime, any place and at any location around the world.

Online learning can be a primary source of continuing medical information or combined with instructor lead webinars or “live” education for a blended learning experience.

Log In to Online Classes

Access to the UCSD ROLC online content is done through the ROLC Web Store or directly using the ROLC LMS web link. The ROLC LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of the ROLC online educational courses.

Immediately after you register and purchase an online class you will be given log in information to access the online class content.

ROLC Administration:

The UC San Diego Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences sponsor the UCSD ROLC under the guidance of the ROLC Board of Directors and Dr. Arno J. Mundt MD, Chairman of the Department of Radiation medicine and Applied Sciences.

UC San Diego ROLC Board of Directors

Members of the ROLC board include Todd Pawlicki PhD, FAAPM, Vice Chairman Medical Physics and Technology, Casey Sandack, MBA, Vice Chair, Administration and Finance, Debra Pledger-Fonte, Derek Brown, PhD, FCCPM, Director of UC San Diego ROLC and Arno J. Mundt, Chairman of the and Department of Radiation Medicine and applied Sciences. All board members are staff or faculty at the Department of Radiation Medicine and applied Sciences.


If you have questions contact dpledger@ucsd.edu