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Symposia and Conference Presentations


Zlatar, Z.Z. & Nebeker, C. (2020, November). Promoting adherence to exercise prescription using digital technology: Lessons learned from older participants. In P. Heyn (Chair), A New Lens on Physical Activity Promotion: Can Technology Boost Exercise Prescription and Adherence? Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America. Online due to COVID-19. Published inInnovations in Aging 


Zlatar, Z.Z., Tarraf, W., Chai, A., Vásquez, P.M., Marquine, M.M., Lipton, R.B., Gallo, L.C., Khambaty, T., Zeng, D., Youngblood, M.E., Estrella, M.L., Isasic, C.R., Daviglus, M., González, H.M. (2020, July). Subjective cognitive decline is associated with neurocognition in the SOL-INCA study. In H.M. González (Chair), Latino cognitive aging: from genes to daily function. Featured Research and Focused Topics Session presented at the annual meeting of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Online due to COVID-19.   


Nakhla, M., Pulido, B., Salcedo-Borrego, C., Lewis, J.D., Cohen, L., Yassai-Gonzales, D., Marquine, M., Schieser, D., Salmon, D. Moore, A., Zlatar, Z.Z. (2019, June). Subjective cognitive decline and neurocognition in Hispanics/Latinos: A pilot study. Oral presentation by Zvinka Zlatar at the Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research Center for Health Improvement of Minority Elderly (RCMAR/CHIME) annual meeting at the University of California, Los Angeles 


Osuna, J.R., Mestre, Z. L., Wierenga, C.E., Zlatar, Z.Z. (2018, October). Exploring the Dose-response Effect of Physical Activity and Cognition in Healthy Aging Older Adults. Paper/oral presentation by Jessica Osuna at the National Academy of Neuropsychology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.   


Zlatar, Z.Z., Hays, C.C., Mestre, Z., Campbell, L.M., Meloy, M.J., Bangen, K.J., Kerr, J., Wierenga, C.E. (2018, March). Relationships between accelerometer-measured sedentary time and physical activity with resting cerebral blood flow in aging. Oral symposium presented by Zvinka Zlatar at the Okanagan Cardiorespiratory Symposium, British Columbia, Canada.  


Crosson, B., Benjamin, M., Zlatar, Z. (2009, February). Do the basal ganglia have a role in aphasia Recovery and rehabilitation? Symposia presented at the annual meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, Atlanta, GA.