Summer Institute

One core aspect of the STAHR program will be an intense 4-week summer research training experience at UCSD for first-year scholars. The main goals of this Summer Institute will be to increase knowledge on clinical and translational aspects of HIV/Aging, and develop key skills for the development, implementation, and dissemination of mental health research in older HIV+ persons. The Summer Institute will be structured such that throughout the 4 weeks, the mornings will focus on building knowledge on HIV/Aging research and career development through formal didactics, structured readings, and meetings with faculty; and the afternoons will be spent on “hands-on” experiences aimed at building skills on HIV/Aging mental health research, including participation in a group research project, field experiences, and tailored training rotations.

Typical Schedule of Scholars during STAHR Summer Research Institute

The STAHR Summer Institute will take place from July 24th, 2019 to August 16th, 2019. If you are interested in attending any of the seminars below, please contact David Yassai-Gonzalez at

2019 STAHR Summer Institute Schedule