STAHR Scholar Awards

2018 call for applications is now closed.

The annual STAHR Workshop and Summer Institutes are open to individuals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills on mental health research in HIV/Aging. However, only four STAHR Scholar Awards will be given annually.


The STAHR Scholar Awards will consist of the following:

  1. Reimbursement for travel expenses to the annual STAHR Workshop at UCSD during all three years of the award.
  2. Reimbursement for cost of airfare or ground transportation to the STAHR Summer Institute at UCSD during the first year of the award.
  3. Provision of housing in the vicinity of UCSD during the 4 weeks of the STAHR Summer Institute.
  4. A living stipend of $2,000 for the 4 weeks of the STAHR Summer Institute at UCSD.
  5. Reimbursement of travel expenses and registration fees for attendance to the International Workshop on HIV and Aging, and another scientific conference during all three years of the award (up to $1,500 per conference per year).
  6. Reimbursement of tuition for relevant online courses all three years of the award (up to $1,000 per year).
  7. Reimbursement for costs of books, professional literature, and publication-related expenses during all three years of the award (up to $300 per year).

In addition, Scholar’s home mentors will receive reimbursement for all travel expenses related to attendance at the annual STAHR Workshop at UCSD during the three years of the award.

Qualification of Scholars

Applicants for STAHR Scholar Grants should be post-residency fellows (MD or DO), post-doctoral fellows (PhD, PsyD, PharmD), or junior faculty members (holding no higher than an Assistant Professor rank position) with a clinical or translational research background, and with previous training in either aging or HIV research, who are interested in gaining expertise in the intersection of these two factors.

Scholars may not have previously obtained a substantial NIH independent research award as PI, including being PIs of a Career Development award (K01, K08, K23, K25, K99/R00) and should have clear interest in becoming independent investigators in the field of HIV and aging mental health research, and with interests relevant to the mission and strategic objectives of NIMH.

Persons from underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mentoring Team

Scholars will have a mentoring team comprised primarily by two Core mentors with complementary expertise: a primary mentor at their home institution (identified at the time of applying to the program), and a UCSD STAHR Core mentor. Once a scholar/home-mentor pair is selected, the scholar will be paired with a local UCSD STAHR mentor to complement the skills and experience of the home mentor, upon discussion with the scholar and the home mentors.

For any questions regarding the application process, please contact David Yassai-Gonzalez via email at or by phone at (858) 246-0772.