Meeting Notes

Cryptic class notes will be posted weekly (when class is active) on the side bar.
We will be going over AFNI first and then ANTsR. After that we will open up to other content areas.

zoom 2019:

The current TOC:
  AFNI class 1: dicoms and dcm2niix
  AFNI class 2: setup
  AFNI class 3: walk through
  AFNI class 4: resting & NL
  AFNI class 5: regression
  AFNI class 6: regression
  AFNI class 7: clustering
  AFNI class 8: group analysis
  AFNI class 9: figures
  AFNI class 10: getting into R
  AFNI class 11: connectivity
  ANTs class 1: build template
  ANTsR class 2: ANTsR segmentation and cortical thickness
  ANTsR class 3: ANTsR functional imaging example