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The Center for Mental Health Technology is a collaboration between the Schools of Medicine (Psychiatry) and Engineering and affiliated partners that was born out of the desire to accelerate technological advancements to improve mental health services and delivery. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both departments, the MHTech Center seeks to serve as a local and national asset by facilitating productive and innovative interdisciplinary research collaborations, education and training opportunities for students and investigators, and as well as forging relationships with industry and community stakeholders.

The School of Engineering of the Department of Psychiatry are pleased to announce an exciting training opportunity through the Engineering Psychiatry Research Program. Please see the Education and Training page for more information.

Important Notices:

The MHTech Center has received a Center Launch Seed Funding grant from UCSD. See News and Meetings for details of this exciting news.

For upcoming talks of interest, please go to News and Meetings for further details.

The next MHTech Center meeting is currently being scheduled. Please contact Dr. Eric Granholm for more information.