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R01 NS065838-10                                                                                           


Multimodal Imaging of Cognitive Networks in Epilepsy:  Implications for Surgery

The research investigates the utility of non-invasive multimodal imaging in the preoperative evaluation of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and examines which method or combination of imaging methods (fMRI, DTI, structural morphometry) and clinical variables best predict the postoperative cognitive outcome.


Research Scholar Grant                     

American Cancer Society       

Restriction Spectrum Imaging for Detecting and Monitoring Brain Tumors

This study evaluates the ability of an advanced diffusion imaging technique, restriction spectrum imaging (RSI) to improve the detection of brain tumors and provide a stronger biomarker of response to anti-angiogenic therapy relative to standard diffusion methods.  


R21 NS107739           


Prediction of seizure lateralization and postoperative outcome through the use of deep learning applied to multi-site MRI/DTI data:  An ENIGMA-Epilepsy study

This grant applies three different machine learning algorithms to advanced structural and diffusion-weighted imaging from 24 epilepsy centers world-wide to predict seizure lateralization and postoperative outcome in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.



General Electric                                                                      

Restriction Spectrum Imaging for the Evaluation of Response to Immunotherapy in Patients with Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumors

This grant application evaluates the use of advanced diffusion imaging and multi-band technology for improving the evaluation of response to therapy on patients with brain tumors who are treated with immunotherapeutic agents.