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Welcome to the Cognitive Dynamics Lab! 

Mission Statement

The Cognitive Dynamics Lab utilizes ubiquitous technology like smartphones to obtain deeper insights into the complex dynamics of cognition, mood and context in the real-world. Our mission is to advance the field of digital brain research and identify targets for precision-medicine to enhance the lives of people with serious mental illness across the lifespan. Furthermore, we aim to provide resources and education for clinical researchers looking to integrate in-the-wild digital health technologies into their studies.

The Cognitive Dynamics Lab leverages advances in computational capabilities, coupled with burst and just-in-time study designs, to answer questions such as: 

  • What are the complex and dynamic effects of mood on real-time cognition in bipolar disorder?
  • Can GPS mobility data serve as a digital biomarker for symptoms and cognition in serious mental illness? 
  • What are the near-term changes in behavior prior to onset of suicidal ideation? 
  • How can we use active and passive smartphone data to better measure self-awareness and promote enhanced daily functioning in serious mental illness?