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Available Research Studies


Introspective Accuracy for Mental Illness               Real-Time Mobile Cognitive Tests

-How individuals think about their skills and abilities          -Validate newly created mobile cognitive tests

-Must have a diagnosis of Bipolar or Schizophrenia            -Must have no history of psychiatric illness

-2 office visits and a 30 day survey period                            -3 office visits with a 14 day survey period

-18-60 years old                                                                        -18-65 years old

-No prior neurological injuries                                                -No prior neurological injuries

-Offers up to $200                                                                     -Offers up to $112


Safety and Recovery Treatment Study                  Social Cognition & Self Harm in Mental Illness

-If therapy will reduce severity of suicidal thoughts             -How individuals think about their relationships

-Must have a diagnosis of Bipolar or Schizophrenia            -Must have a diagnosis of Bipolar, SCZ, or MDD

-Prefer individuals that have experienced thoughts of         -6 in-person visits over 1 year 

self-harm                                                                                   -10 day survey period at multiple time points

-4 in person assessments and 4 therapy sessions              -18-65 years old

-18-65 years old                                                                        -No prior neurological injuries

-No prior neurological injuries                                                -Offers up to $300

-Offers up to $250

Study Interest Form

The Cognitive Dynamics Lab is currently seeking participants for current studies. If you are interested in participating, click the Study Interest Form to express your interest. If you have any questions, please contact our research coordinator, Snigdha Kamarsu at or 858-534-0506