Data Entry System (DES)


The assessment measures will be administered to all children receiving services with the exception of inpatient services. The assessments for the Children, Youth & Families Behavioral Health Services System of Care Evaluation include:

  1. The Child/Adolescent Measurement System youth version (Y-CAMS, for children 11 years old and older) and parent/caregiver version (P-CAMS, for parents/caregivers of children 6 years old and older). These measures are administered at Intake, UM/UR, and Discharge.
  2. The Children's Functional Assessment Rating Scale (CFARS), completed by the clinician at Intake, UM/UR, and Discharge. NOTE: the CFARS replaced the Functioning Quadrants in August 2007.
  3. The Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI), completed by parents/caregivers of children ages 2-5 at Intake, UM/UR, and Discharge.
  4. The Personal Experience Screening Questionnaire (PESQ), administered to youth ages 12-18 in Outpatient Clinics embedded with an AD counselor, by their AD counselor at Intake and Discharge.
  5. Optional measure: The Family-Centered Behavior Scale (FCBS), administered only to the parent/caregiver. The FCBS assesses satisfaction with services received as well as the degree to which the services provided were consistent with System of Care principles. This measure is administered at follow-ups only.

Data Entry System (DES)

After administering the assessments, each agency will enter their own data into the SOCE Data Entry System (DES). This allows every agency to keep the original copies of the completed measures and to have full access to the response data from their clients for client level analysis and program level analysis. It is important that the data is entered into the DES in a timely manner.

It is recommended that program sites try to enter data within two weeks of data collection. Waiting longer than two weeks may make it more likely that programs misplace forms that have already been completed. After the data has been entered, it will be downloaded to the SOCE team quarterly on the following schedule.


     Collection Dates:       Due to SOCE by:
    July 1 - December 31, 2018    January 15, 2019


Data Transfers

Data transfers are handled through secure web-based systems.  For details please contact the SOCE team at 858/966-7703 x3604.

System of Care Evaluation Materials

Print copies of all materials can be requested from the SOCE offices at CASRC.

Data Entry System (DES) Update

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    System of Care Evaluation (SOCE) Manual

    Child and Adolescent Measurement System (CAMS) Forms:

    The CAMS is copyrighted - Permission to use it outside of the SOCE project must be obtained from the CAMS developers.

    Children's Functional Assessment Rating Scale (CFARS)

    The CFARS is located within the county forms.

    Quarterly Status Report

    Family-Centered Behavior Scale (FCBS) Forms

    The FCBS is copyrighted - Permission to use it outside of the SOCE project must be obtained from the FCBS developers.

    Other Forms:

    Training Forms

    Data Collection and Reporting (DCR) System

    Full Service Partnership (FSP) providers have additional data reporting requirements through the State‚Äôs DCR system.  Basic data entry training and frequently asked questions are available here: