Marisa Sklar, Ph.D.

Assistant Project Scientist
UC San Diego, Dept. of Psychiatry

Contact Information

UC San Diego
Department of Psychiatry
9500 Gilman Drive (MC 0812)
La Jolla CA 92093-0812
T: 858-966-7703 x2703
F: 858-966-7704


Marisa Sklar, PhD, MS, is a Project Scientist and licensed clinical psychologist at the University of California San Diego. Her research aims to improve healthcare for mental illness through the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs). She has received funding through NIH, NIMH, and AHRQ to assess the impacts of multiple healthcare models and systems on patient, provider, organization, and system-level outcomes. Most recently her research has assessed the implementation of integrated care efforts such as the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of healthcare delivery.

Research Interests

  • Implementation science
  • Mental health recovery
  • Integrated care
  • Patient-centered medical home
  • Quasi-experimental design

Research Focus

Dr. Sklar’s research aims to improve healthcare for mental illness through the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs). She was principal investigator of a NIMH-funded NRSA individual pre-doctoral training grant (F31-MH100758) that utilized propensity score analysis with multilevel modeling to explore mental health recovery in the patient-centered medical home. She was also principal investigator of an AHRQ-funded individual postdoctoral training grant (F32-1F32HS024192) that used mixed quantitative and qualitative methods to examine evidence-based practice implementation climate in the patient-centered medical home. Future research endeavors aim to utilize community-academic partnerships to enhance EBP implementation in integrated primary care settings, such as the patient-centered medical home.


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