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Lauren Brookman-Frazee

Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Ph.D.

CASRC Associate Director
Professor, UC San Diego, Department of Psychiatry

Contact Information

3020 Children's Way, MC 5033
San Diego, CA 92123
T: (858) 966-7703 x3587
F: (858) 966-7704


Dr. Brookman-Frazee is currently a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, Associate Director of the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center, Research and Training Director at the Autism Discovery Institute at Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego, and faculty in the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and UCSD/VA Psychology Internship Training Program. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst and specializing in interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental and mental health problems. 

Research Interests

Research Focus

Dr. Brookman-Frazee’s research involves partnering with mental health and education system leaders, providers and families to develop, test and implement evidence-based interventions in community and school-based settings and reduce disparities in access to quality care. She conducts this research with the specific population of children with (or at risk for) autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well as the broader population of children with mental health problems receiving publicly-funded mental health services. Dr. Brookman-Frazee is PI of a large study examining the sustainment of multiple evidence-based practice fiscally mandated for delivery in child mental health services in LA County. She is also PI of a large study testing the effectiveness of a mental health intervention for children with ASD delivered in publicly-funded clinic and school-based mental health programs in LA and San Diego Counties and characterizing implementation and sustainment process and outcomes. Additional areas of research include research-community partnerships, clinician training/supervision, early developmental and social-emotional screening and intervention, and parent training and psychotherapy intervention process and outcomes.

Clinical Focus

Dr. Brookman-Frazee is a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst specializing in children with autism spectrum disorder and disruptive behavior problems. She provides clinical supervision and training to pre-doctoral psychology interns, practicum students, and staff therapists at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego in the Outpatient Psychiatry and the Autism Discovery Institute programs.


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Current Projects

R01MH111950 (NIMH) 1/2 Effectiveness of a Multi-Level Implementation Strategy for ASD Interventions
(PI: Brookman-Frazee)

R01MH100134 (NIMH) Sustainment of Multiple EBP’s Fiscally Mandated in Children’s Mental Health Services
(Multiple PIs: Brookman-Frazee and Ana Lau)

R33MH097033 (NIMH) Optimization of Fidelity Procedures for Pivotal Response Training in Autism
(PI: Brookman-Frazee)

R01MH094317 (NIMH) Effectiveness and Implementation of a Mental Health Intervention for ASD 
(PI: Brookman-Frazee)

R34MH104289 (NIMH) Supported Employment, Cognitive Enhancement, Social Skills Program for ASD Adult
(PI: Mary Baker; Consortium PI: Brookman-Frazee)