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John Kelsoe, M.D. is the Director of the Fellowship. Dr. Kelsoe's longstanding research focus has been the genetics of psychiatric illness, bipolar disorder in particular. Dr. Kelsoe has spent his career conducting translational cellular and human studies directed at identifying the fundamental biological basis of bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders. As an MD, he is especially attuned to the challenges of guiding MD’s or MD PhD’s into a successful research career. Dr. Kelsoe supervises many of the research track residents in the clinical care of bipolar patients, and he has had the opportunity to discuss the issues in having a clinical and laboratory research career. Dr. Kelsoe has mentored many MD’s and other trainees to successful careers.

Pei-an(Betty) Shih, Ph.D. Pei-an (Betty) Shih, MPM, PhD is the Co-Director of the Fellowship and Director of Didactic Training. Dr. Shih received her Ph.D. in genetic epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh, and completed postdoctoral training at the UCSD Department of Medicine and Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Shih's research encompasses a synthesis of epidemiology and molecular genetic studies in both clinical and population-based samples. Her expertise is in the genetics and translational science of complex disorders and phenotype such as eating disorders, metabolic syndrome, aging, and psychiatric comorbidities. Dr. Shih has served the Fellowship as a training faculty since 2012.

Meet the Fellows!

 Dr. Adam Klein received his doctorate in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2018 from UC Santa Barbara. Since joining the lab of Dr. Adam Halberstadt, Dr. Klein has been investigating the neurobiology of hallucinogenic drug, such as LSD, DMT, & Psilocybin. Although these drugs have been around for a long time, relatively little is known about how they produce their effects in the brain. As there has recently been a renewed interest in the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs, it becomes even more important to figure out the mechanisms by which they produce their therapeutic effect. Dr. Klein's project is to decode the intracellular signaling pathways responsible for the effects of classical hallucinogens. 

 Dr. Emily (Ema) Troyer received her MD from the University of Toledo in 2013. She then completed general psychiatry residency training at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017, and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training at UCSD in 2019. She is currently a first-year fellow in the T32 Fellowship in Biopsychiatry and Neuroscience. Ema’s current research project focuses on examining neural correlates of immune-microbiome relationships in pediatric-onset obsessive compulsive disorder. In her free time she enjoys adventures with her dog and family, gardening, and DIY projects. 

 Dr. Jordan Walter received his doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he studied the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of alcohol use disorders. He joined the T32 Fellowship Program in Biological Psychiatry as UCSD in 2019. He is currently working in the lab of Dr. Minassian and Dr. Perry studying the effects of cannabis use in bipolar disorder. His project focuses on the effects of acute THC and CBD on cognition and endocannabinoids in bipolar patients and healthy controls.

Fellowship Advisory Committee

The fellowship advisory committee consists of:

  • John R. Kelsoe, M.D. Program Director and Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Pei-an (Betty) Shih, Ph.D. Director of Didactic Training, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD Dept of Psychiatry
  • Mark A. Schuckit, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Walter Kaye, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD Department of Psychiatry
  • Susan Tapert, Ph.D. Professor

    of Psychiatry, UCSD Department of Psychiatry

  • Neal Swerdlow, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD, Department of Psychiatry
  • Jonathon Sebat, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD, Department of Psychiatry
  • Murray Stein, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD, Department of Psychiatry
  • Jay Giedd, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD, Department of Psychiatry