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Fellowship in Biopsychiatry and Neuroscience

Reaching New Heights

"The Biological Psychiatry Fellowship at UCSD greatly enhanced my research career by providing a multidisciplinary forum for developing optimal methods in research projects as well as providing excellent grant writing guidance."

Susan F. Tapert, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD

The Fellowship

John Kelsoe, M.D.

Program Director

Betty Shih, M.P.M, Ph.D.
Program Co-Director



Welcome to the UCSD Fellowship in Biological Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

The fellowship is a 2-year program that is aimed at training physicians, psychologists, and PhD scientists in conducting research towards the understanding of the biological underpinnings of mental disorders. The field of Neuroscience has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. Methods are now available that enables one to study the living brain from a macroscopic to microscopic scale. Yet, we still have to learn so much about the neurobiological basis of mental disorders.

During the two years of fellowship, we bring together experienced faculty from the Department of Psychiatry and from the UCSD Campus to provide fellows with tools and techniques to ask compelling questions focused on the neurobiology of mental disorders. We aim to train fellows in improving their presentation skills, work on grant-writing and manuscript-writing, and suggest possible collaborations for future studies. The fellowship can be seen as a springboard towards an academic career in psychiatry. Many of our past fellows are currently in tenure-track academic positions across the country and we are looking forward to train the future leaders in the field of biological psychiatry.

About the Fellowship

The strength of this program since its inception in 1986 is demonstrated by the impressive research output of the Fellows, their presentations at national and international meetings, publication of research articles, and successful competition for research funds. Learn More

Application Process

Applicants may be in the process of finishing their doctoral degree when they apply to the program, but must complete all requirements for their degree before joining the Fellowship. Learn More

Research Opportunities

Within our Department, the programs of investigation include basic and clinical neuroscience. Basic studies in animal models include programs in neuropharmacology, ion channel physiology, behavioral genetics, regulation of neural gene expression, and brain development. Learn More