Research Studies

R01: Studying Bipolar Disorder

This project assesses multiple aspects of cognition using a battery of cross-species tests in humans with bipolar disorder and our parallel animal models. In order to understand which neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) are involved in these processes, we also perform studies in participants who do not have bipolar disorder who receive a one-time dose of study medication which increases dopamine or noradrenaline signaling or both.

Recruitment of Bipolar and healthy control subjects is ongoing.
To inquire about participation in our study please contact our research associates at 619-543-7516

R21: Endocannibinoid study:

The endocannabinoid (EC) system is an important brain system that plays a critical role in the regulation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Dopamine dysregulation is implicated in the mania and cognitive deficits associated with Bipolar Disorder (BD), but the relationship between the EC system and dopamine among people with BD has not been well studied. Through this research TRIPEC is investigating the role of the EC system in BD and its association with dopamine as well as the EC system’s relationship to disinhibition, a central cognitive feature of BD.

TMARC study:

Dr. Perry’s lab partners with the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC) and the Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) which conducts research to learn how diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C infection (HCV), Methamphetamine dependence, and Bipolar Disorder as well as normal aging affect the brain and nervous system, as well as people's everyday lives.
Recruitment for TMARC is ongoing. Please see the TMARC website for more information on participating in this study.