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Selected Publications

    • Young, J. W., Geyer, M. A., Halberstadt, A. L., van Enkhuizen, J., Minassian, A., Khan, A., Perry, W., & Eyler, L. T. (2020). Convergent neural substrates of inattention in bipolar disorder patients and dopamine transporter-deficient mice using the 5-choice CPT. Bipolar disorders, 22(1), 46–58.

    • Kwiatkowski, M.A., Hellemann, G., Sugar, C.A., Cope, Z.A., Minassian, A., Perry, W., Geyer, M.A., & Young, J.W.  (2019).  Dopamine transporter knockdown mice in the behavioral pattern monitor:  a robust, reproducible model for mania-relevant behaviors.  Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, 178, 42-50.

    • MacQueen, D.A., Minassian, A., Kenton, J.A., Geyer, M.A., Perry, W., Brigman, J.L., & Young, J.W.  (2018). Amphetamine improves mouse and human attention in the 5-choice continuous performance test.  Neuropharmacology, 138, 87-96.

    • Minassian, A., Henry, B.L., Iudicello, J.E., Morgan, E.E., Letendre, S.L., Heaton, R.K., Perry, W., and the Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) Group. (2017). Everyday functional ability in HIV and methamphetamine dependence.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 175, 60-66.

    • Perry, W., McIlwain, M., Kloezeman, K., Henry, B.L., & Minassian, A. (2016).  Diagnosis and Characterization of Mania: Quantifying Increased Energy and Activity in the Human Behavioral Pattern Monitor.  Psychiatry Research, 240, 278-283.