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Coco is Alison's female beagle! Coco is a very active girl! She has lots of energy; hence, she is loco Coco. She is also quite smart and figures out how to get into anything and everything. Most of all, she is sweet and loves being with others. 


Aden is Amanda's 14-year old Siberian Husky who loves bacon, zucchini, and orange toys. His favorite pastimes are breathing heavily on people, being woken up by own farts, bringing his favorite toys to guests to play fetch with, and resisting being cuddled.

Bruiser & Fern

Charlie's two dogs.


Jax is Bianca's 2 year old maltese! Given that he's still young, Jax is very active and loves to run around the house. His favorite toys are his toy duck and taco, and he loves to cuddle and eat treats!