System of Care Evaluation (SOCE)


The San Diego County System of Care Evaluation was developed through the San Diego County System of Care Council with direct advisory support from the Super Outcomes Committee and the System of Care collaborative partners.

Community Stakeholder Meetings

In 2004, a series of community stakeholder meetings were held to obtain input and feedback on the development of a countywide evaluation system for Children, Youth and Families Behavioral Health Services. Stakeholders were involved from the beginning of the development process: clinicians, administrators, policy makers and families/consumers.

Why The SOCE Measures

After a review of over fifty possible measures, the SOCE measures were chosen because of the following:

  1. Their assessment of System of Care goals as defined by San Diego County.
  2. The availability of information to be analyzed at multiple levels: the client level, the program level and the system level.

Furthermore, service providers voted to enter and store their own data on-site into the Data Entry System (DES), providing quarterly downloads of their data to the SOCE team.

Goals And Objectives Of The Program

The specific goals/objectives of the System of Care Evaluation are to:

  1. Assure accountability for the delivery of results to our consumers.
  2. Build and sustain the momentum of positive Children's System of Care accomplishments.
  3. Effectively and efficiently move decision-making to action and results.

The SOCE Measure Systems

  • The Child & Adolescent Measurement System (CAMS)
  • The Family-Centered Behavior Scale (FCBS)
  • The Children's Functional Assessment Rating Scale (CFARS)