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  • American College of Chest Physicians Tobacco Dependence Treatment Toolkit
    • The ACCP Tobacco Cessation Toolkit is now available for free online; the comprehensive kit incorporates everything from identifying users and assessing their risks and level of addiction, to providing motivational advice, pharmacotherapy information, and follow-up relapse prevention techniques
  • The Alliance for the Prevention and Treatment of Nicotine Addiction (APTNA)
    • A 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization that works in collaboration with healthcare organizations and providers to promote smoking cessation; contains training (online courses, certifications, and training manuals), links (toolkits, patient education, special populations, etc), and resources (downloadable power points and pdf's)
  • Partnership for Prevention
    • A nonpartisan organization of business, nonprofit and government leaders working to make evidence based disease prevention and health promotion a national priority and America a healthier nation; Partnership seeks to increase understanding and use of clinical preventive services and population-based prevention to improve health
  • Rx for Change
    • Provides training materials for staff and other resources to help patients with quitting; developed by the University of California San Francisco
  • Smoking Cessation Leadership Center
    • The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center is a national program office that provides toolkits, publications, power points, and information on tobacco addiction and behavioral health
  • Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network
    • Bring Everyone Along Project developed resources to assist health professionals to adapt their treatment services to the unique needs of tobacco users with mental health and substance use disorders; includes CME course, toolkits, presentations, consumer information, fact sheets, etc.
  • Tobacco-Free Living in Psychiatric Settings: A Best-Practices Toolkit Promoting Wellness
    • This toolkit was designed by National Association of Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) to address all types of tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco; the charts, checklists, policies, and resources in this toolkit are practical tools to create a tobacco-free psychiatric settings
  • Tobacco Recovery Resource Exchange
    • The Exchange offers administrators and clinicians free downloadable resources and tolls to implement tobacco education, treatment, and policies in chemical dependence treatment; continuing education opportunities available