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ATTOC in Mental Health Treatment Settings

Individuals with mental illness have high rates of tobacco addiction, and this addiction causes substantial medical disease and shortens their life. Recent studies report that people with serious mental illness live 25 years shorter life than the general population and that tobacco addiction and obesity are the two key main contributors to this statistic.

As mental health treatment providers, we are changing our culture to integrate tobacco addiction treatment in our work. We can offer:

  • Better Patient Care,
  • Staff training and recovery,
  • Effective communication, and
  • Restrictions on tobacco use.

Recent research shows that treatment of tobacco addiction:

  • Can be successfully integrated into other addiction treatments,
  • Will not worsen recovery, and
  • Offers additional benefits to employers.

The ATTOC Team has worked with numerous mental health treatment agencies, including 63 in Massachusetts that are part of the Department of Mental Health network. We have also worked with other private and public agencies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Washington State, etc.