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Research and Early Career Awards

Congratulations to Psychiatry Department students and faculty who received Research and Early Career Awards from the American Psychological Association's Division 40 - Society for Clinical Neuropsychology!

Carlos E. Araujo

UCSD undergraduate student working in the Psychiatry Dept, Blue Ribbon Best Student Minority poster titled, "Ecological Validity and Functional Assessment of Self-Reported Cognitive Complaints in Older Adults"

Sarah Jurick

Joint Doctoral Program student, presenting the results of her 2017 Dissertation Award on "Markers of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Integration of In Vivo Myelin Imaging, Neuropsychological Measures of Processing Speed, and Subjective Post-Cconcussive Symptoms"

Rowan Saloner

Joint Doctoral Program student, NIAAA travel award and Best Student Evidence Based Practice Poster titled, "Is Alcohol Neuroprotective in Methamphetamine-Associated Neuropsychological Impairment?"

Michael L. Thomas

Assistant Professor, Blue Ribbon Award for Best Early Career Submission for his poster titled, "A Psychometric-Neuroimaging Analysis of Load-Response Curves in Schizophrenia"