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Igor Grant’s message to Mike Bloom, and family, on occasion of his retirement, June, 2017

How does one summarize four decades of professional dedication, commitment, and accomplishment by Mike Bloom to a project like the UCSD Department of Psychiatry?

The answer is that it is not possible without trivializing. Rather let me focus on some of the wonderful attributes that Mike brought to his job that have allowed us to grow in the four decades he has worked hand-in-hand with Lew Judd, and most recently with me, to transform us from a faculty of a couple of dozen people and a few score staff to almost 200 faculty and 600 staff? How do we measure growth and management from a budget of some $10 million to $100 million and from a few dozen projects to hundreds of projects?

Mike brought these wonderful attributes: the first is his absolute dedication and commitment to his duties. He is always ready to take on new challenges and to find creative solutions to what needs to be done. He never shirks responsibility, never passes the buck. He always approaches his work with good humor and a can-do attitude. Despite his sweeping powers in controlling the purse, he is ever kind and humble. Indeed, his caring, soothing nature often calms the not so pleasant beasts in some of us.
Lewis L. Judd M.D. and Mike Bloom

Lewis L Judd M.D., second chair of the department of Psychiatry celebrates with Mike Bloom, with whom he worked for over 30 years.

He has always been a loyal friend. Despite his misguided love of local teams such as the Chargers and the Padres, whose disappointments he always also bore with the best of humor and unwarranted exuberant enthusiasm, he was always there to cheer them on, just as he has always been here when we needed him.

His fortitude has been tested in the last years with health concerns that have challenged him and Mary Anne. Despite these challenges he has continued to do those things that are so essential for the functioning of our Department.

While I deeply mourn that Mike will not be here every day to bail me and the rest of our leadership out of whatever mess we have been getting ourselves into, I am cheered by the fact that he has agreed to return to us on at least a couple of days a week to assure a smooth transition and to keep us on an even keel.

Mike and Mary Anne, Adam and Graham, on behalf of the Department, of the entire UCSD community, I thank you for your service. I am especially appreciative, Mary Anne, that you have allowed us to have the benefit of Mike's leadership and his commitment. I know that it was not easy for you to see him work at the pace that he was accustomed to. We are grateful beyond measure!

Everyone in the Department wishes you well in this next phase of your lives, where you will have more time with your family and more time to do some things that perhaps you have put off doing. We love you and thank you.