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Dr. Kara Bagot and the ABCD study appear on 60 Minutes

​Dr. Kara Bagot on 60 Minutes

Congratulations to Dr. Kara Bagot and the ABCD study on their feature with Anderson Cooper of CBS's 60 Minutes. See the story here:

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study ( has enrolled 11,873 9-10 year-olds from 21 sites across the US, to be followed 10 years to study influences on child and adolescent brain development and outcomes. Kids' use of screen time is a major concern, and ABCD shows preliminary evidence of brain differences between those who use screens a lot compared to those who use screens a little. ABCD's Coordinating Center, Data Analysis & Informatics Center, and one of the 21 sites are based at UC San Diego, with the latter housed in the Department of Psychiatry.

 ABCD researchers, Drs. Kara Bagot and Joanna Jacobus, seek to identify overlaps in neural activation among adolescents with problematic social media use, and those with Cannabis Use Disorders via fMRI cue reactivity tasks. While data exist on how adolescents’ screen time is spent, and amount of time spent, there are no data identifying patterns of problematic social media use nor evaluating the impact of high levels of social media use on reward pathways, and whether these mimic addictive processes seen in substance-using populations. Further, there is no literature to date on cues embedded within individual social media platforms that reinforce use behaviors among youth. We hope to address these critical gaps in the literature.