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June Teachers Spotlight

Alana Iglewicz, M.D.Alana Iglewicz, M.D., Associate Residency Training Director; Assistant Clinical Professor

“Teaching is inherent to my identity and my life meaning. I am struck by the interwoven nature of teaching and learning, conceptualizing them as two sides of the same coin. Relatedly, I am drawn towards the rewards of modeling for trainees how very much we have to learn from our patients—not just about their symptoms and psychopathology, but also about the mind, history, suffering, resilience, wisdom, and life.”
"I am also drawn towards the challenge of working with medical students who are not interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry and who may even come to their psychiatry rotation with the same biases and stigma reflective of our larger society. I find it fulfilling to help these trainees not just gain the confidence and skillsets to provide compassionate care to individuals suffering from mental illness, but to also develop the conviction to do so."
"One of my favorite parts of clinical teaching is working with trainees to help them understand their emotional reactions to patients and systems, and, through the pursuit of self-insight, learning how to channel that knowledge towards effective treatments and advocacy. Another rewarding part of teaching is modeling for trainees what I have learned from my wisest teachers--the ability to appropriately say “I don’t know"."
"When I reflect on my job as a clinician educator, I am filled with gratitude that I get to do what I love and happen to get paid to do it. Not everyone has such good fortune."