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May's Teacher Spotlight

May's Teacher Spotlight:

Terry Schwartz, M.D.Terry Schwartz, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor

“Teaching residents and other trainees is a huge part of why I love my job. UC San Diego gets such amazing residents and trainees. As a previous resident at UC San Diego, I know the challenges and rewards of each year of the residency. I never forget the amazing saves, the gift of helping reducing the suffering of those with mental illness, and the challenges posed by the imperfect science of psychiatry.”
"In addition to teaching about “hands on” psychiatric assessment and treatment, I hope to help trainees begin to develop their identity as a clinician. Part of this involves recognizing their personal strengths and limitations, paying attention to their reactions, while maximizing their efficacy."
"Teaching adds to my motivation for keeping up with the psychiatric literature, and improving my skills as a clinician and teacher. While I have specialized in eating disorders, I remain firmly committed to excellence in cutting edge management of mood and anxiety disorders. As improved technology has allowed us to have a better understanding of the neurobiological underpinnings of mental illness, I find learning and teaching about these issues fascinating, and incredibly useful for clinical practice and psychoeducation of patients and families."