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Teacher Spotlight - April 2016

April's Teacher Spotlight:

Larry Malak, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor

“Whether it is with our psychiatry residents, our nurse practitioners or our medical students, helping to teach and shape the future of our health care providers here in San Diego is the most rewarding part of my position with UCSD. Primarily in the outpatient, public sector settings, it is an amazing opportunity to work with trainees while giving care to those who need the most help. The trainees get hands on experience and real time training as they take the lead role in the care for the patient with support from myself and others in the clinic. This level of autonomy and ownership of the patient's care encourages the trainee to seek out solutions to unique problems they encounter with each patient. And as a result of their ingenuity and curiosity, I am constantly learning new approaches, new solutions and staying on top of new literature that helps to make me a better clinician and educator.”