Recent Trainee Accomplishments

Current UCSD PGY-IV Psychiatry Research Residents:

 Juan Molina, M.D.
Recent Honors: 

2017: NIH LRP Award, "Identification of Neurophysiologic Biomarkers of Treatment Response to Targeted Cognitive Therapy in Schizophrenia"

2018: APA Minority Fellowship award ($25,000)

2019: APA Research Colloquium Travel Award

2019: ACNP Travel Award

Recent Publications / Presentations: 

Joshi YB, Thomas ML, Hochberger WC, Bismark AW, Treichler EBH, Molina J, Nungaray J, Cardoso L, Sprock J, Swerdlow NR, Light GA. Verbal learning deficits associated with increased anticholinergic burden are attenuated with targeted cognitive training in treatment refractory schizophrenia patients. Schizophr Res. 208:384-389, 2019.

Molina JL, Swerdlow NR, Joshi YB, Thomas ML, Sprock J, The COGS Investigators, Braff DL, Light GA. History of cannabis use is associated with greater impairment in neurophysiological, clinical and functional measures in schizophrenia patients. Proc American College Neuropsychopharmacology, Palm Springs, CA, 2017.

Molina JL, Arnedo J, Kamis D, Zwir I, del Val Muñoz C, Cloninger CR et al. Dopaminergic networks bias phenotypic expression and genetic risk for schizophrenia. Proc Soc for Neuroscience, 609.23, San Diego, November, 2018. 

New published work, 2017-18:

Molina JL et al. Parkinsonian motor impairment predicts personality domains related to genetic risk and treatment outcomes in schizophrenia. NPJ Schizophr. 2017 Jan 11;3:16036. doi: 10.1038/npjschz.2016.36

 Juan Molina, M.D.

 Matt Klein, M.D., Ph.D.

Recent Honors:

2018 Travel Award, Society of Biological Psychiatry
2018 NIMH Outstanding Resident Award
2018 APA Research Colloquium Travel Award
2019 ACNP Travel Award 

Most importantly, at the end of his PGY-II year, Matt and his wife Adina welcomed their first child!

Recent Publications / Presentations:

Klein ME, Buxbaum A, Younts T, Aow J, Cobo C, Malinow R, Castillo P, Jordan B. Local Translation of Synaptic Proteins Supports Plasticity Specifically at Distal Hippocampal Synapses. Biological Psychiatry 81: S320, 2017

Klein ME, Malinow R. Exploring the Synaptic Basis of Chronotherapy for Major Depressive Disorder.  Proc American College Neuropsychopharmacology, Palm Springs, CA, 2017.

Klein ME, Kopalle H, Chandra J, Malinow R. Exploring the Synaptic Basis of Rapid Antidepressant Treatments in a Congenital Learned Helplessness Model. Proc Soc Biol Psychiatr, New York, NY 2018.

New Published Work, 2017-18:

Harony-Nicolas H, Kay M, Hoffmann JD, Klein ME et al. Oxytocin improves behavioral and electrophysiological deficits in a novel Shank3-deficient rat. Elife 6. pii: e18904, 2017

Matt Klein, M.D., Ph.D.