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Other Training Facilities

Outpatient Psychiatry Services of Children’s Hospital and Health Center

Children’s Hospital and Health Center is the leading tertiary care center for children in San Diego County. The Outpatient Psychiatry Services is one of the major divisions of Children’s Hospital. The staff at the outpatient psychiatry services includes child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pediatric consultants, psychiatric residents and medical students.

St. Vincent de Paul Community Village

St. Vincent de Paul Community Village is an innovative and exciting "feel-good" elective rotation for PGY3 residents who may spend up to one day weekly rotating there during their outpatient year. This unique setting is the primary training site for the UCSD Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residency Training Program. St. Vincent de Paul Village is a world-renowned program of comprehensive services to the San Diego homeless community. Founded in 1987, the Village Medical and Mental Health Clinic provides free health care to uninsured, homeless persons. It serves, as its first priority, the 865+ persons residing in the Village (homeless persons and families entering the recovery program of SVDP may live there for up to two years); next, the thousands of homeless on the street; and the local poor-but – housed (uninsured) as the final priority. On an average half-day shift residents may evaluate one to two new patients and see another two to four patients for return or follow-up visits.

Neurology Service

The Residency Training Program in Neurology was established in 1970 and is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Training is offered in adult and pediatric neurology as well as neurologic subspecialties. Opportunities in neurology include: inpatient experience on the neurology ward, consultation service and specialty outpatient clinics (Genetically Handicapped Persons Program for Neurologic Diseases, Stroke, Epilepsy, Dementia, Higher Cortical Function, Peripheral Nerve, and Movement Disorders Clinics). PGY1 residents spend two months as a part of the UCSD neurologic team. The rotation is coordinated by a behavioral neurologist. Senior residents can elect to spend further time as a consultant to a neurology clinic.

Mercy Hospital Medical Center

Mercy Hospital Medical Center is where most PGY-1s have 1 month of mercy inpatient medicine. The site was selected for the general medicine rotation on the basis of Mercy’s outstanding reputation for its clinical care and clinical training and its proximity to the UCSD Medical Center. Mercy Hospital is a 520-bed, acute care inpatient facility, a Level I Trauma Center, and the site of the Mercy Clinic. A full range of tertiary care in internal medicine, surgery and surgical subspecialties, pediatrics and obstetrics, and gynecology is provided both inpatient and outpatient settings, with approximately 400 patients admitted to the internal medicine inpatient service each month.

Caseloads are carefully monitored and controlled for both breadth and a variety of experience. Residents participate fully as inpatient physicians as one of two PGY1 members of a medicine ward team, supervised and taught by a senior internal medicine resident and two attending physicians. Additional consultative services are available in medical subspecialties at all times.