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Recent Trainee Accomplishments

Honors and Publications among current UCSD Psychiatry Research Residents:

 Monica Castillo, M.D., M.S. (PGY-II)

Recent Honors:
2020 ACNP Travel Award

Recent Abstract/Paper:
Castllo MF, Fatourou E, Halaris A. Interleukin-8 in Major Depressive Disorder and effects of treatment. Neuropsychopharmacology 45: 183-4, 2020.

 David Adamowicz, M.D., Ph.D. (PGY-III)

Recent Honors:
2021 NIMH Outstanding Research Award Program
2021 American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) Scholar

Recent Abstracts/Papers:
Adamowicz DH, Lee EE. Predicting and improving hospital outcomes for older adults. Int Psychogeriat 33: 205-207, 2021

Adamowicz DH, Lee EE, et al. Associations between inflammatory biomarker profiles and cognitive functioning in adults with schizophrenia and non-psychiatric comparison subjects. Biological Psychiatry 89:S376-S377, 2021

 Monica Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. (PGY-IV)
Recent Honors:
2020 NIMH Outstanding Research Award Program

Recent Abstracts/Papers:

Federoff M, McCarthy MJ, et al. Correction of circadian rhythm abnormalities in bipolar disorder is specifically associated with lithium-responsiveness. Neuropsychopharmacology 45: 325-6, 2020

Federoff M, McCarthy MJ. Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption is corrected by lithium in a case of Bipolar Disorder with familial BRCA1 mutation. Bipolar Disorder 23: 101-103, 2021

Sassi C ... Federoff M, et al. Exploring dementia and neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis genes in 100 FTD-like patients from 6 towns and rural villages on the Adriatic Sea coast of Apulia. Scientific Reports 11: 6353, 2021


Current status of 8 Match classes (matching a total of 14 Residents)
since the onset of this R25 Research Track

Res #Match Year
Current Academic Position or Mentor
​1​2014Assistant Professor, UCSD Psychiatry​K23*
​2​2014Instructor, Harvard/MGH​Institutional*
​3​2015Assistant Professor, UCSD Psychiatry​CDA*, BBRF*
​4​2015Assistant Professor, UCSD Psychiatry​CDA*
​5​2016Assistant Professor, UCSD Psychiatry​CDA*, BBRF*
​6​2016Assistant Professor, Mt. Sinai Med Ctr​CDA*, AFSP*
​7​2017​PGY5 Fellow, UCSF / SF VA Med Ctr
​8​2018​PGY4: Michael McCarthy, MD, PhD
​9​2018​PGY4: Joe Gleeson, MD, PhD
​10​2019​PGY3: Dilip Jeste, MD
​11​2019​PGY3: Alysson Moutri, PhD
​12​2020​PGY2: Suzi Hong, PhD
​13​2021​PGY1: Bill Kremen, PhD
​14​2021​PGY1: TBD
* K23: NIH Career Development Award; Institutional: "hard money" institutional research support; CDA: VA Career Development Award; BBRF: Behavior & Brain Research Foundation Young Investigator Award; AFSP: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Young Investigator Award; MIRECC: VA Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center


Res #
Awards / Honors during Research Track Residency
​1​NIDA-AACAP Resident Training Award ($20K); R01 Diversity Supplement ($166K); NEI Master Psychopharmacology Program; ACNP* Travel Award; NIMH ORAP*; NIMH Brain Camp; Judd Research Award; Career Development Inst. for Psychiatry
​2​John Majda Memorial Research Grant ($5K); ASCP New Invest Award ($5K); APA Res Colloquium; VA Ctr Excellence Stress/Mental Health pilot award ($5K)
​3​BBRF/NARSAD Young Invest Award ($70K); Laughlin Fellow; ASCP New Invest Award ($5K); VA PALA pilot award ($10K); J Purton Schiz Res Travel Award; SOBP* Early Career Travel Award; UCSD Gold Humanism Award; JI Cohen Award Schiz Res ($3K); ACNP Travel Award; NIMH ORAP; ICOSR* Travel Award; APA Res Colloquium; AAGP/Geriatric Mental Health Fnd Scholar; NNCI* Fellowship; Most Outstanding Clinician, UCSD Residency (PGY1&2); Outstanding Educator (PGY1&2); Medical Student Teaching Award; Beacon Health Fellow; HRSA Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Travel Award
​4​APA Res Colloquium; NNCI Fellow; Judd Research Award; ADAA* Career Development Leadership Program; Am Assoc Geriatric Psychiatry Scholar's Program
​5​BBRF/NARSAD Young Invest Award ($70K); APA/SAMHSA Minority Fellowship ($25K); R01 Diversity Supplement ($68K); NIH Loan Repayment Program (3 years); APA Res Colloquium; ACNP Travel Award; SIRS* Travel Award; APA Council on Research Fellow; JI Cohen Award Schiz Res ($3K)
​6​AFSP* Young Invest Award ($90K); John Majda Memorial Research Grant ($5K); Judd Research Award; ACNP Travel Award; NIMH ORAP; APA Res Colloquium; SOBP Early Career Travel Award
​7​APA Res Colloquium
​8​(current PGY4) NIMH ORAP
​10​(current PGY3) NIMH ORAP; American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Scholar
​12​(current PGY2) ACNP Travel Award
* ACNP: American College of Neuropsychopharmacology; ORAP: Outstanding Resident Award Program; SOBP: Society of Biological Psychiatry; ICOSR: International Congress on Schizophrenia Research; NNCI: National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative; ADAA: Anxiety & Depression Association of America; SIRS: Schizophrenia International Research Society; AFSP: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention