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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The University of California San Diego Psychiatry Residency Program is committed to promoting  diversity, equity, and inclusion among our trainees and faculty. We are committed to developing psychiatrists who possess cultural humility and structural competence and who provide excellent and equitable care for all patients. 

Diversity. We define diversity broadly as the representation of all of our individual differences including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. We aim to recruit, retain, and advance physicians from all backgrounds including traditionally underrepresented groups to better reflect and respond to the needs of our vibrant patient population in San Diego. 

Equity. Recognizing that structural inequities continue to persist, both in our community and in our institution, we strive to identify and challenge inequities within our program and ensure that all faculty and trainees receive fair treatment and equal opportunity. We recognize that trainees and faculty from groups underrepresented in medicine face a unique set of challenges. Fostering equity includes being sensitive to those challenges and providing support and resources to help overcome them. We also believe that all patients deserve high quality health care. To promote both of these endeavors, we aim to educate physicians who actively work to understand the social determinants of health. Through advocacy, clinical training, didactic curriculum, and community outreach, we aim to train physician leaders who improve the health of our communities.

Inclusion. We seek to create and maintain a culture of respect, safety, and acceptance. We seek trainees and faculty who are open to critically examining their own implicit biases as well as those who help bring attention to policies and structural barriers to inclusion in our program. We believe that the inclusion of varied perspectives, including those that have historically been marginalized, fosters a more stimulating and productive training environment and ultimately enhances our ability to build empathy and provide quality care for our patients.


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