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CAP Inclusive Excellence Scholars Spotlight

2021 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Inclusive Excellence Award Winners:

Debha Amatya, MD, PhD

Debha has been committed to pursuing research and clinical training in psychiatry since his undergraduate studies at Stanford University. In college, he was first introduced to child and adolescent psychiatry by Manpreet Singh while collaborating on a neuroimaging research project. He deepened his interest in neuropsychiatric research through research experiences with Karl Deisseroth and decided to pursue a career in both neuroscience research and psychiatry. Debha joined the MD, PhD program at UCSD in 2014. He completed his doctoral research in the lab of Fred Gage, where he has published peer-reviewed studies about the genetics of autism spectrum disorders. As he returned to clinical training, Debha confirmed his passion for psychiatry and particularly found hope in addressing mental illness in youth. His interests in child psychiatry were solidified through joining the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Inclusive Excellence (CAPIE) program in 2020-21. He states that the program greatly expanded his horizons and allowed him to build leadership and outreach skills through designing two mental health workshops that engaged youth in the San Diego area. Debha is joining the psychiatry residency training program at UCLA, and he plans to pursue child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training afterwards. Debha endeavors to become an academic psychiatrist that advocates for his patients through a combination of clinical practice, outreach, research, and cultural humility. 


Cecilia Rangel-Garcia, MD

I am honored, excited, and proud to receive the CAP Inclusive Excellence Award as I graduate from UCSD and begin training as a psychiatrist at UCSF Fresno. The CAP Inclusive Excellence Program was truly life and career changing. I participated in this unique, amazing program during my fourth year of medical school alongside remarkable peers and a phenomenal mentor, Dr. Shapiro. Through the program, I cultivated leadership skills, dove into the field of CAP, and really became a proud member of  an empathetic, outstanding medical student group. With the help and support of this program and Dr. Shapiro, I envision a career (starting in residency) in communities that are continuously marginalized, a career that focuses on the strengths and aspirations of my future patients/teachers, a career centered on compassion and hope. I am deeply grateful for this award, for the CAP Inclusive Excellence Program, and Dr. Shapiro.