Teacher Spotlight

The Department of Psychiatry at the UC San Diego School of Medicine is committed to academic excellence and diversity within our faculty, staff and student body. We seek to recruit and retain leaders who are a reflection of our strong commitment to achieving excellence. Our faculty continuously demonstrate their commitment to maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional activities while developing a climate that supports learning, equality, and diversity. They are leaders in their field, providing exceptional mental health care and training, and they exemplify this through their everyday duties in clinics, teaching, and mentorship.

Our clinician-educators are an integral part of the Department, and it is an honor to showcase a top member of our team each month who demonstrates leadership qualities through our monthly “Teacher Spotlight.” We want to acknowledge and thank them for their hard work and continuous efforts in the field of Psychiatry, and for their commitment to educating our trainees.

 The Office of Psychiatry Education & Training

August 2017 Teacher Spotlight:

Alison Trexler, MDAlison Trexler, MD, Attending Psychiatrist

“As someone who has had the good fortune to come to psychiatry after initially training in General Surgery, I am acutely aware of the differences in training "culture" between specialties. I believe having this unique experience allows me to bring a different viewpoint to the way psychiatry is viewed and taught. The residents and medical students with whom I interact, often have preconceived notions of how psychiatrists think and problem-solve, and I am happy to provide another point-of-view. The field of psychiatry has traditionally lagged behind other, more procedure-based specialties, in terms of scientific evidence and breadth of medical therapy application. I believe this is reflective of the complexity of the disorders we treat, and how we have only begun to tap into the potential for discovery of the human brain. What an exciting time to be involved in psychiatric practice! Being able to teach medical students and residents is by far the most rewarding and fun part of my job and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to play a role in their development as physicians".



Past Teacher Spotlights

June 2017

Sidney Zisook, M.D.Sidney Zisook, M.D., Professor


May 2017

Vanessa L. Lauzon, M.D.Vanessa L. Lauzon, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor

March 2017

Stephen Groban, MD, H.S.Stephen Groban, MD, H.S. Clinical Professor

July 2016

Dan Sewell, M.D.Dan Sewell, M.D., Clinical Professor

June 2016

Alana Iglewicz, M.D.Alana Iglewicz, M.D., Associate Residency Training Director; Assistant Clinical Professor

May 2016

Terry Schwartz, M.D.Terry Schwartz, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor

April 2016

Larry Malak, M.D.Larry Malak, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor

March 2016

Sanjai Rao, M.D.Sanjai Rao, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor

February 2016

Louisa Steiger, M.D.Louisa R. Steiger, M.D., M.P.H., HS Clinical Assistant Professor

January 2016

David Lehman, M.D.David Lehman, M.D., H.S., Associate Clinical Professor