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May 2017 Teacher Spotlight

Vanessa L. Lauzon, M.D.Vanessa L. Lauzon, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor

“Teaching is my core mission and the central reason that I choose to work at UCSD, so it is a great honor to be chosen as the teacher of the month. I feel so fortunate to work with residents, medical students, and allied mental health professions students who are deeply curious and eager to challenge themselves. They constantly challenge me to find new ways to communicate complex ideas, and show me fresh perspectives on old problems. As a consult-liaison psychiatrist, I am also constantly teaching and learning from my colleagues in other medical specialties so that we can figure out the best ways to help our patients together".
"I was inspired to become a clinician-educator when I realized that my medical school professors, in addition to the patient lives that they changed through their direct clinical work, had indirectly touched the lives of innumerable patients through the thousands of physicians they trained over the course of their careers. I wanted to find a way to pay it forward and help as many patients as possible".

"My teaching and learning philosophy is that people learn best when they are challenged to stretch a little beyond their comfort zone, with the knowledge that they have back-up available if they need it. So I emphasize trainee autonomy on my clinical service, along with the responsibility to be able to say "I don't know" and ask for help when needed -- something we all need to continue doing throughout our careers. My goal is to help all of my learners develop robust clinical reasoning skills, critically apply the literature to practical clinical problems, and "think outside the box" when needed in order to craft individualized treatment plans for patients".