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PGY-3 Spotlight

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​PGY3 Clinical Rotations 

  • Outpatient Psychiatry at the OPS  (12 months)

Average weekly hours 
  • PGY3 on-service: 45-55 hrs/week

 Night and weekend call duty 

  • 4 total weeks of night float at the NBMU (82 hr/wk)"
  • ~14 weekend shifts total in a year, 2-3 holidays worked

Get to know a PGY3-

Background & Education 

Career goals/interests within psychiatry:

Typical Week:


Wake up and cuddle my dog, then hit the climbing gym for a few hours. When the gym is closed because of COVID, I go to my in-laws' place in Carlsbad where there's a pool, or do a hike with friends. 
Before COVID, we usually ended the day at some breweries -- our favorite being Green Flash. Post-COVID, I get take-out or cook dinner, and eat with home with my husband and doggie. 


Wake up around 6:30AM.
Drive to work (VA or Hillcrest).
Pre-round / get sign out.
See patients and round.
Eat a quick lunch.
Finish up tasks and admissions.
If I'm at the VA and patient care is slow, I'll go for a run during my lunch hour.
Get home somewhere between 5 PM to 7:30PM (usually).
Do a short work out (run or a climbing-related work out).
Hang with my husband and dog before going to bed around 10:30PM.

Same as Monday!


Same as Monday!


I love attending didactics in the morning. Now that they are on Zoom, it is even easier to listen in (if I get a good night's sleep on night float, I can still Zoom in from home!). I will sometimes multi-task during didactics by working out while listening in. 


Same as Monday!


I try to sleep in if I can and enjoy a slow morning either doing art projects or journaling. Sometimes I'll take this time to do laundry or clean. I'll go for an afternoon run or spend time with San Diego friends, at a dog park or a brewery. 
My favorite thing to do with Saturday nights is to watch a movie with my husband. We used to go to the theater, but COVID. 

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