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Wellness Committee

We have a robust and active Wellness Committee comprised of engaged, thoughtful, and compassionate residents. As its name suggests, the Wellness Committee promotes a culture of wellness through its varied activities. The activities of the Wellness Committee include half day wellness retreats, wellness themed didactics, resident birthday poems, snacks on our main clinical services, and advocacy for the promotion of resident well-being. Our residency didactics take place on Thursday mornings and start with a Resident Rounds Series. Whenever there is a fifth Thursday of the month, we dedicate that time to a half-day Wellness Retreat planned by the Wellness Committee. Additionally, the Wellness Committee oversees 3-4 Resident Rounds sessions dedicated to themes of resident wellness each academic year. Below are examples of the main activities of the UCSD Psychiatry Residency Wellness Committee.

Half-Day Wellness Retreats

  • Yoga on the Beach
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Brunch on the Bay
  • Musical Meditation
  • Art and Music
  • Laser Tag
  • Virtual Yoga, Games, and Cooking (COVID-style)

Wellness Resident Rounds

  •  Resident Panel: Journey Towards Wellness
  •  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
  •  Gratitude Exercises
  •  Narrative Writing
  •  Mindfulness

Birthday Poems
The Wellness Committee drafts and shares poems in honor of each resident on their birthday, helping to celebrate the lives of each of our talented residents while creating connection and community.

Snacks at Main Clinical Sites
The Wellness Committee distributes healthy snacks to our main residency clinical sites. Well-fed residents are happy residents!

Wellness Giftbags
The Wellness Committee also periodically puts together goodie bags for residents, especially during challenging times (e.g., COVID survival gift bags). 

Advocacy for Resident Wellness
Members of the Wellness Committee are keen observers of factors that promote residency wellness and factors that detract from residency wellness. They are involved in system-level advocacy aimed towards promoting resident wellness. These efforts range from call room improvements to the optimization of the educational experience on clinical services to participation in conference workshops and publications on physician wellness.