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Rady Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services

Residents have a required 80% time rotation of 5 months duration in the first year of training at this JCAHO accredited facility. Rady’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services (CAPS) is a 24‑bed inpatient service that was transferred under contract to Rady from the County of San Diego. In early 2013, CAPS was moved to the campus of Rady Children’s Hospital.

Inpatient diagnoses are approximately 10% psychotic disorders, 20% disruptive behavior disorders, 50% mood disorders and 20% others; and treatment approaches include individual and group psychotherapy, behavior modification, therapeutic community, psychopharmacology and family therapy.

Each resident is assigned to care for up to six patients on the inpatient unit. As the primary physician for the patient, residents are responsible for all aspects of patient care and also directing others who are involved with the patient (such as the primary clinician, social worker or primary nurse, etc.) This may also include liaison with significant involved agencies such as schools, Juvenile Court, and Child Protective Services. The residents receive a minimum of 1 hour of individual supervision weekly from their unit chief.

The inpatient unit faculty consists of 3 full‑time child psychiatrists, 1 licensed clinical psychologist and 2 full‑time licensed clinical social workers.