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Our Professional Identity: Who We Are and What We Do

Simply put, we come to work every day because we believe that every child and family, regardless of their background or life circumstances, deserves a life that is healthy and meaningful. We face hard truths daily, in that life is certainly not fair, and many families have been carrying the burden of suffering for multiple generations. Despite facing great hardships, our patients inspire us every day with their grit, resilience, and perseverence to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As child and adolescent psychiatrists, we have the privilege and honor of accompanying children and their families on their journey towards healing, and in the process learn to grow and heal ourselves as well. The cornerstone values of our professional identity are humanity, empathy, equity, dedication, openness. We are looking for team members who fully embrace and realize these values through their own life experiences, insight, and a growth-oriented mindset to continually progress and develop over time.