Salary Scale for Academic Year 2019-2020

Salary and Benefits    

PGY 1            $58,950    
PGY 2            $60,904 
PGY 3            $63,297 
PGY 4            $65,795
PGY 5            $68,488

  • Additional stipends: $500/year educational, $5,800/year housing, $810 for initial licensing.
  • Health, dental, vision insurance for resident and dependents at no cost.
  • Disability and malpractice insurance provided by UCSD.
  • 20 Days of paid vacation each year, with additional paid educational days.
  • Leave for illness, family medical emergencies, maternity/paternity per UCSD Internal Medicine House Staff Manual upon Program Director's approval.
  • Food allowance for meals while on call.
  • White lab coats and laundry services.
  • Access to the library resources of UCSD and the VA Medical Center onsite and via internet from offsite.
  • Access to UCSD recreational facilities including large indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the SDSU/UCSD Mission Bay Aquatic Center.

For More Information

More detailed information regarding leave policy, professional liability insurance, health insurance, living quarters, on-call meals, uniform and uniform laundering, and visa requirements is provided in the UCSD Medical Center Terms and Conditions of Appointment on the Office of Graduate Medical Education web site.